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John Rhode is the BIGGEST LOSER 2012

I don’t know how many people watch the show The “Biggest Loser“. I do watch and it’s very inspiring. I started watching 3 years ago because I wanted to know: How do someone can get so fat? How can someone can loose so much? “Biggest Loser” crowned John Rhode its Season 12 champion during Tuesday night’s … Continue reading

Beyonce Interviews: From the Little Beyonce to the Pregnant Beyonce. She Acts to Be

Success doesn’t happen over night. Neither is success granted, it takes work, lot of work, hard work, and commitment. If you look at the life of all people who made it BIG, you’ll notice they all started at a very young age and just kept the hard work going on years after years. Now what … Continue reading

15 Kids and Homeless: The Angel Adams Story

She is the mother of 15 children and homeless and she put the fault on somebody else. She said and I quote: “somebody needs to pay for all my children…somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay.” Nick Cox, regional director of the Florida Department of Children & Families, paid Adams a … Continue reading

What Makes You The Biggest Loser?

I was watching the NBC show last night called “The biggest Loser” and that’s how I got inspired by this new topic: “What Makes You The Biggest Loser?” What actually fascinated me a lot was not only the high expectations the trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper had for their teams but also how demanding … Continue reading

Did You Ever Asked Yourself: Why Does This Happen To Me?

Everyday people pushed to extraordinary limits. This is Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, episode 3: Juaquin and Kim Hawkins. What an inspiring story. The first episode since the beginning of the season where I could really feel the profound desire of a family united for change. Life is such a long journey of humility and I … Continue reading

When The American Dream Falls Apart

When the american dream falls apart is the mission Tony Robbins, the worldwide Life Coach, has to work on on the episode 2 of his new show: The Breakthrough with Tony Robbins. For those of you who have no ideas about what the show is all about, let me give a short idea. Tony on … Continue reading

The Breakthrough With Tony Robbins: Episode 1

Episode 1: The Breakthrough of Kristen and Frank This is there story: This is a story of love, faith, and will. The day of their wedding, Frank decides to go plays around the swimming pool and that when his life and the life of his just married wife flips upside downs. Out of a sudden, … Continue reading


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