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The 7 Top Notch Professions to Connect With to Grow Your Network

Folks, people is everything. The people you are connected to, the organizations and meetings you attend, all that matters when you have a burning desire to grow your network. In this world of challenge, competition, employment crisis, and unsecured job, it’s more than ever important for everyone, individuals and companies, to work on developing trustful … Continue reading

How to Become a Master Networker

Keith Ferrazzi made it amazing last night at the webinar on how to use your network or social capital to be successful in life. Did you know that each person in a contact network worth $948? A recent study by IBM revealed that. Isn’t that amazing? As you watch the webinar, think about the 1-2 … Continue reading

Build Rapport With Any New Contact Today

People Like to be around people who are like themselves, people they can learn and grow from, people with empathy and genuine interest. Charlie Cook said it right: whether you are in the elevator or on the phone, the way you start the conversation will determine whether or not it will continue. So many times we face … Continue reading

The Social Capital in Today’s World

The way we do business or even think about business has changed. You have a budget and financial plan, a task list, a project plan, a diet plan, no matter what your goal is and the plan associated to do it, the main question you have to ask yourself today is: “WHAT IS YOUR PEOPLE … Continue reading

Is Reaching Success More About WHAT You Know Or WHO You Know?

From the title itself, you can tell reaching success has to be one way or the other linked to the verb “to know” whether it means acquiring and having the knowledge or being connected to a person of influence. When I decided launching my company at in helping people and organizations find the Expert … Continue reading

I’ve Learned it from the Life of Jesus

Here is my bet: take any area of your life that you deeply want to flip straight back up, I guarantee you, you can get the solution looking at the inspiring life of God’s Son: Jesus-christ. When I was a kid, Jesus-Christ was to me the movie I was enjoying watching during Christmas. Now as … Continue reading

Follow-up To Excel

Why go to all the trouble of meeting new people, asking to be connected to new potential partners or clients, begging to be invited and accepted to restricted groups of people, if at the end you don’t follow up? As said Keith Ferrazzi, follow-up is the key to success in any field, the hammer and … Continue reading

Make Yourself Unforgettable

If you know me, then you will know one of my irrefutable truth: once you’ve been introduced to me then you will remember me forever. I start noticing that strength of mine when I was still in college and was partying a lot. For some reason, at any party, or event that I was attending, … Continue reading


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