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Can We Predict Talent?

By Margaret Heffernan In his recent book Thinking Fast and Slow, behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman tells the story of observing army recruits out on exercises and his belief that he could spot the potential leaders amongst them. Years later, it turned out he’d been almost entirely wrong. His confident judgment had been a morass of bias, heuristics, and … Continue reading

Oprah talks about “The Secret” to Create The Life You Want

“Nothing new can come to your life unless you’re grateful for what you already have.”  2012 is around the corner and I’m sure just like the majority of people around the world you might be asking yourself: will 2012 be just like 2011? In other words you probably in the mindset of setting up goals, … Continue reading

Very Inspiring and Motivational Video: “How Bad Do You Want It”

New Year is around the corner and as usual you’re going to make fun of yourself again talking about things you say you want to accomplish this year yet those are the same things you wished to have accomplished the year before and the year before that, and never even tried to accomplish. Some others … Continue reading

Here is why you need to wake up early in order to rule the world

Following is an interesting article from Courtney Robin about why morning people rule the world. Very educative what comes out of it. I let you enjoy. To paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald, the morning people are different from you and me – or so says new research. Early birds are more proactive than evening people – and so … Continue reading

Share your latest book recommendation.

 “You are the same today as you‘ll be in five years except for two things, the books you read and the people you meet” – Charlie “Tremendous” Jones I love this quote of Charlie Jones. Reading is good for our brain. Sir Richard Steele said that reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Studies have shown that reading stimulates your brain, allowing … Continue reading

Build Rapport With Any New Contact Today

People Like to be around people who are like themselves, people they can learn and grow from, people with empathy and genuine interest. Charlie Cook said it right: whether you are in the elevator or on the phone, the way you start the conversation will determine whether or not it will continue. So many times we face … Continue reading

Who You Know Matters

From the title itself, you can tell reaching success has to be one way or the other linked to the verb “to know” whether it means acquiring and having the knowledge or being connected to a person of influence. When I decided launching my company at in helping people and organizations find the Expert … Continue reading


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