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Did you know that the costs to incarcerate someone is more than it is to educate them?  I’m sure this is the case in most states as would be the statistics that show that a fairly hefty percentage of the young adults and adults in prison have undiagnosed disabilities…

The Fastest Man on Earth: Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter and a five-time World and four-time Olympic gold medalist. He is the world record and Olympic record holder in the 100 metres, the 200 metres and (along with his teammates) the 4×100 metres relay. He is the fastest man on earth as of Olympic games London 2012. As early as age 14, young Usain was opening eyes with his lightning speed from regional championships … Continue reading

Ryan Lochte

He was often kicked out of his father’s swimming classes for misbehaving, which often included pulling other children’s legs, blowing bubbles, and hiding at the other end of the pool. Lochte only began taking swimming seriously when he was a junior in high school.[3] Steve Lochte said, “I would send him to go shower when he … Continue reading

Michael Phelps – He Got Them All

Michael Fred Phelps II (born June 30, 1985) is an American swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals. Phelps also holds the all-time records for gold medals (18, double that of the next highest record holders), gold medals in individual events (11), and Olympic medals in individual events for a male (13). In winning eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Games, … Continue reading

The Rise of America’s Newest Sweetheart: Gabby Douglas

Douglas is the daughter of Timothy Douglas and Natalie Hawkins. She began training in gymnastics at age six when her older sister, Arielle, convinced their mother to enroll her in gymnastics classes. When she was eight years old, Douglas won an all-around gymnastics award for her level at the 2004 Virginia State Championships. When Douglas moved to Iowa … Continue reading

Silicon Valley: The rise of the adolescent CEOs

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Josh Buckley, chief executive of an online gaming start-up, is looking forward to next month’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, particularly for the parties and the accompanying schmoozing with industry A-listers. There’s one problem: Buckley, who will turn 20 this week on February 22, may be turned away from many … Continue reading

25 Businessmen Who Broke The Rules

Fortunes are rarely won by playing it safe. On the contrary, the biggest fortunes have been won by those willing to step outside the box and change the way the game is played. Following are twenty-five business innovators of the past, present, and future whose stories are different in many respects, but all point to … Continue reading

Eli Manning and Super Bowl XLVI

Eli Manning did it again. He is for the second time the MVP after helping the Giants big win over the Patriots for the second time.  Find out here more about the life journey of the unstoppable winner. Prior to deciding which college to attend, Manning received a call from David Cutcliffe, formerly the offensive coordinator at the University of Tennessee. … Continue reading

People Who Quit Their Jobs and Made Millions

Rick Wetzel and Bill Phelps, Wetzel’s Pretzels Rick Wetzel and Bill Phelps were working for Nestle when the concept for Wetzel’s Pretzels was born. The two were on a business trip when Wetzel told Phelps about an idea his wife had — to make big, soft pretzels to sell at the mall. That night, they … Continue reading

People Who Quit Their Jobs and Made Millions: Shep and Ian Murray, Vineyard Vines

Michelle Fox from CNBC went and researched those people like you and me who had regular jobs but one day decided to go on their own journey and became tremendously successful. Like she said in her post, success is by no means guaranteed, but for the lucky ones the decision to say “I quit” has … Continue reading


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