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Success of a Man of Humble Origins

A remarkable history of Soichiro Honda, the great visionary and man of humble origins. His life was devoted in self-improvement and his continuous struggles to achieve success. This Life history is the true essence of Mr Honda and enforces the meaning of” The Power of Dreams”. Thank you Mr Honda for enriching our lives with your vision and bringing joy to millions. Your everlasting legacy is even stronger today.

Soichiro Honda

He preached the gospel that ambition was no sin, and that success was the reward for hard work and investment. – Soichiro Honda

Success represents the 1% of your work which results from the 99% that is called failure. – Soichiro Honda 

Soichiro Honda was born on 17th November 1906 inShizuoka,Japan. His father was a blacksmith and the mother was a weaver. Honda’s dad taught him to be creative in all that is mechanics as he spent his early childhood days with him in the work shop. A determined and adventurous Soichiro would make his own toys and later on earned the name of “black nose weasel” from his friends because of the way he always had a dirty face from helping his dad at the forge. Even though they were poor, his father instilled hard work in him and made him realize that he could be someone one day.

At age 15, he went to look for work in Tokyo without even having any formal education. He was an apprentice for years until he turned 22 and decided it was time to return and open his own shop. And  by the time he turned 31, he had invented his first piston rings. This was an amazing achievement but for Honda it wasn’t enough. He dreams beyond just fabricating pistons, so he started the Honda Technical Research Institute. Some of the time he left to study few more courses while he left his friend who had same enthusiasm to manage the place for him. He came back to establish Honda Motor Co. Ltd once he was on track to make his first motorbike. In 1949, Honda released his first bike called “Dream.” This was a success and Honda’s machines gained momentum and became the highest manufacturer of motorbikes inJapanin merely 6 years.

At this point he did what many would have done to achieve global success, he opened American Honda Motor Co. Ltd in 1959. By 1963, he had dominated the world market to become the top selling motorbike brand in the world.

Today his legacy continues as Honda maintains its highly sophisticated machinery and its cars are viewed by many as the most reliable, fuel efficient car in the world alongsideToyotaand Nissan.

Soichiro Honda died of liver failure in 1991. But his name remains in history and People magazine named him on their “25 Most Intriguing People of the Year” list for 1980.




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