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Carlos Slim Helu: The Man Behind Telmex

“When there is a crisis, that’s when some are interested in getting out and that’s when we are interested in getting in.” – Carlos Slim Helu

Carlos Slim Helu was born on 28th January 1940 in Mexico. Out of the six children, he was the youngest to his Lebanese immigrant parents. His father Julian Slim, moved to Mexico at the age of 14. To survive, Julian Slim who changed his name from Youssef Salim had to set up dry goods store which helped him purchase a real estate in Mexico City by 1911.

Carlos went on to study engineering at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Like his father, he married a wonderful woman, Soumaya Doumit and had six children with her and stayed married until she passed away in 1999 due to kidney ailment.

Carlos has spent most of his years thinking big and the opportunity to shine came when he went ahead to buy Mexico’s fix line operator TELMEX in 1990. From scrap, his company now owns about 90% of all telephone lines in Mexico and he went ahead to gain control of Telcel which runs 8% ofMexico’s cell phone lines. His ambition in controlling the nerve of communication led him to owning America Movil which has 100 million subscribers all over Latin America.

Today, not only is he known to many as the world’s richest man (2008) due to the high performance of Mexican equity market but Bill Clinton said he’s probably the “most important philanthropist in the world most people haven’t heard of.”

Carlos Slim’s wealth is predicted to continue growing with the evolution of internet and digital communication but he allows his three children to do the day-to-day operations whiles he enjoys some few hours loving baseball.




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