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Why Did TIME named Steven Spielberg in the “100 Greatest People of the Century?”

“I dream for a living” – Steven Spielberg

steven spielberg bioSteven Allan Spielberg was born on 18th December 1946 in Ohio,USA. He is the son of Arnold Spielberg, a computer engineer and Leah Adler, the concert pianist. At early teens, he was already shooting films and while his sister sold popcorn. At age 13, he won an award for making 40-mins war movie entitles Escape to Nowhere.” Three years later while inArizona, Spielberg made his first independent movie based on a science-fiction 140mins long for a budget of $400 and earned a profit of $100 after been shown in the local theater. After his parents divorced, he moved to California with his father while his three sisters remained inArizona with the mum where he visited occasionally.

He applied to attend USC Film School but was denied on three separate occasions due his average C grade. Then he opted to study inCaliforniaStateUniversity,Long Beachin order to avoid drafting to Vietnam War. It worked and he joined Universal Studios on an unpaid intern basis where he had a chance to direct his own 24mins short for theatrical release. Once the then vice president of production at Universal saw the film, he straight ahead signed Spielberg making him the youngest ever director in major Hollywood studios.

As he progressed and took every assignment serious and made the most of his skills, he was entrusted more and more with contracts. That led to key producers- Richard Zanuck and David Brown to give him the director’s chair for the movie- Jaws, a horror film. Spielberg pulled it big time and grossed $470,653,000 at the box office and swept 3 Academy Awards.

He went on to direct several commercially successful movies and got nominated for major awards almost always. He continued to direct best movies that every household felt they need in their libraries like “The Color Purple, Indiana Jones,JurassicPark, Minority Report, Catch Me If You Can, The Terminal,Munichand many more.

Today Spielberg continues to remind his fans that its not money he’s interested in, but to fulfill his dreams in life – making pictures that even after 50 years it will still connect to people. Forbes today estimates his net worth at $3 billon. Unbelievable but it it’s more than accurate when this man’s movies have sold over $8 billion internationally.

TIME named him in the “100 Greatest People of the Century.”





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