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Very Inspiring and Motivational Video: “How Bad Do You Want It”

success tipsNew Year is around the corner and as usual you’re going to make fun of yourself again talking about things you say you want to accomplish this year yet those are the same things you wished to have accomplished the year before and the year before that, and never even tried to accomplish.

Some others have taken an even easier road and decided there is no point to set goals because they never go after them. At least ones are true to themselves, but are what we call “Losers” because they don’t allow themselves to try before failing.

Now my point here is NOT to be negative. I watch this video and it says is “How Bad Do You Want it?” It doesn’t matter what it is, whether your goal is to get married, have a baby, have a successful career, start your own business, get a promotion, be fit…How bad do you want it to happen in 2012? Is your burning desire to see that happening higher than your desire to go to bed at night? Is your desire to win in 2012 higher than your desire to come up with excuses that lead to the easy road of no success? The answer ultimately will be yours. as for me here is a very inspiring video I think will help you put the puzzle together and charge forward.

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One thought on “Very Inspiring and Motivational Video: “How Bad Do You Want It”

  1. Very inspiring! Any entrepreneurs should watch this video and go the extramile even it they feel the heat is on.

    Posted by businesskoncept | December 12, 2011, 3:31 pm

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