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Why Would a Mother of six Trade in $96k house for a used minivan

What you love and believe in is what you act upon no matter how much you have to pay for it. If that’s not the case why would a mother of six trade in $96k house for a used minivan? The house traded by the 36 years old LaWanda Flake, was a  four-bedroom, three-bath house, located in one of the city’s better neighborhoods and valued at $96,000. She traded it in for a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander  with 85,000 miles, valued at between $5000 and $8,500.

Why did LaWanda do such a trade? Flake said she posted the house offer on Craigslist because she needed a new car in order to get her children to school on time because the city’s bus system was proving unreliable. Flake has anirregularly updated Twitter account, where you can see some of her complaints about the bus system.

Talk about taking action to get what you want out of life. The next time you’re going to catch yourself “saying there’s no way” Ask yourself which one did you really try.

Just so you know about the LaWanda story, Flake and her six children are not living in the minivan. They’ve relocated to a three-bedroom home nearby that she was able to purchase on a $4,000 land contract. And even though the house was once home to Diana Ross, Flake purchased it last year at a foreclosure sale for $3,600, not its near six-figure retail value.



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