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Beyonce Interviews: From the Little Beyonce to the Pregnant Beyonce. She Acts to Be

beyonce babySuccess doesn’t happen over night. Neither is success granted, it takes work, lot of work, hard work, and commitment. If you look at the life of all people who made it BIG, you’ll notice they all started at a very young age and just kept the hard work going on years after years. Now what happens if you haven’t found your purpose earlier in life? Well, I personally think it doesn’t matter when you get your purpose in life (even tough the sooner the better, just because of the life expectancy.). What I believe is more important is when you give yourself a purpose then go after it 110% EVERY SINGLE DAY. Everything you do in a daily basis should be something that helps you get to your ultimate goal in life: TO LIVE YOUR DREAM.

Beyonce nailed it when she was part of the Destiny’s Child group, she nails it as President of , and she nailed at the VMA when announcing her baby to come in February. In thre simple words, Beyonce ACTS TO BE.

What actions are you taking towards your life accomplishment?



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