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A Special Thanksgiving Message from Max

celebrate thanksgivingDear readers, followers, bloggers, and friends…in such a special day as Thanksgiving, I’d like to take a moment to thank you all for the support and encouragement you give everyday by checking out this blog and all the articles we constantly publish.

The Act2be brand has been out there for 2 years now with ups and downs but yet we stick to the fight. With readers coming especially from North America, France, UK, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Africa, and Thailand. For the size of our blog and the limited working time we put on it in a weekly basis due to our professional career and other responsibilities, we average 130 visits per week, the average visit length is 3 min, and the average page views is 38. Thank you for being part of our landing phase. We still have a lot in store for you for the new year to come. To stay updated remember to subscribe to our mailing list, it’s FREE.

At the beginning, my vision for this blog was to share sales techniques and motivational articles. Today, my vision for this blog has changed. Today this blog is about entrepreneur and inspiring biographies, self-improvement tips and techniques from experts, sales tips, motivational articles, relationship development techniques, public speaking skills and more.

This is your blog. It’s been made for you, for all of us who aspire to a better life and successful career. Read it, Subscribe to it, Share it, comment it.

Happy Thanksgiving!



One thought on “A Special Thanksgiving Message from Max

  1. Happy TG my friend, keep it up!

    Posted by Yace | November 24, 2011, 3:57 pm

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