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No Soliciting!….What Else?

Have you ever noticed that sign posted on the front door of most businesses and houses (especially if you live in the USA) that says “NO SOLICITING”? As a salesperson, whether you are in B2C or B2B, how do you react when approaching a door with that sign? Do you just ignore it or acknowledge it and move to the next door?

Everyday I go out and solicit businesses to offer my service and here is what I found out about the “No Soliciting” sign:

  • Only the gatekeepers are aware of it
  • The biggest deals come from those “No Soliciting” doors
  • The “No soliciting” signs are made for peddlers and NOT for TRUE PROFESSIONALS
  • When you sign a deal from a “No Soliciting” door, you don’t make a client for one day but a client for life

Now, of course to close the deal behind those doors and to connect with the decision maker, you have to pass the gatekeepers.  To pass the gatekeepers there are different ways to go especially when coming without appointment:

  • Have a GREAT Ice-breaker –  For instance step in the office with a big smile and say: HAPPY TUESDAY!  (if it’s Tuesday) Working hard or hardly working?
  • Be a True Professional – By true professional I mean you want to be likable, dressed up nice, and introduce yourself using a professional language
  • Watch out your tone of voice, you want to sound friendly, and make sure you have a great and confident eyes contact

With all that said, I guess the message is clear: Never avoid approaching a door because “No Soliciting” is written on it, that sign has been made only for peddlers. Be a TRUE PROFESSIONAL.



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