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Are There Any Breaks For Entrepreneurs?

Where is BREAK in all that?

It’s been three years now that I’ve been working on my company. It all started with an idea of helping people grow and take actions on their life ans since then, my life has changed. In fact, every “FREE” time that seems to be available on my daily schedule, I find a way to go and dig more into the business concept, strategy, and the system to be put in place to accomplish my unique vision which is the vision of my company: I want every single person, every single company, small businesses or big corporations, in Africa, Asia, Europe, or America, no matter what their budget is, to hire at least once in their life, the service of a Coach or a trainer, whatever the field of interest is (Sales, Management, Leaderships, Relationships, Love, Fitness, Public Speaking… ) I used the service of a Sales Coach, a public Speaker, a Leadership trainer and have seen the huge benefice. If you need help in finding a Coach, or Trainer for yourself or your organization, get in touch with me, that’s what I do for business: I connect people and organizations to experts of the Coaching and Training industry.

What is it to come to such an easy and simple description of what my company mission is? NO it was not, just like there’s no breaks for entrepreneurs. For three years, I know I was going somewhere that business concept but nothing was that clear. My closed friends and even relatives were always lost regarding to what exactly I’m in business for. Today, everything is clear, people join the boat, opportunities come out, the network is created.

Building a company from scratch is no easy task and the will to give up anytime surrounds your mind everyday. But the faith you have in the benefice of the service you will be offering to people is what makes you keep charging forward challenge after challenge.

Moms are like entrepreneurs. They build a strong and personal relationship of 9 months with their kids as they kids are still growing before the birth, and once they are born, the moms can’t just say now is time for a break. No. It’s actually now that the time to truly works starts, the time to pay attention to details, to laws, to security and safety, to education and training, to network and investment, and with a long-term vision. Even when the child get married and have kids, the mom or let’s say the parents are still around willing to make sure everything works just fine.

How do you think Bill Gates, or Warren Buffet, or Richard Branson, or Steve Jobs, or Michael Dell….are towards their companies they built from scratch? Even if they retire do you think they will stop checking out how their company performs? They could if they wanted to, financially they are already secured. But I bet they won’t because entrepreneurs and true doers, just never take a break.



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