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Advanced E-mail Strategies: Getting your Inbox to 0 — Part 2 | by Rory Vaden


Struggling With Emails?


You can tell I am not good at reading all the emails I receive. If it was just from one email box maybe I would have handled it better. But I have an email address at hotmail, gmail, I have a professional email address, and now I also receive emails on social media inbox like Facebook and twitter. All those three I try to keep up everyday and as you can see….that’s not working well yet. BUT…I have help coming my way and your way if you are also struggling with emails and that help is called Rory Vaden. Last week I published Rory Vaden part 1 post on how to take your email box to zero. Today, Rory has shared the part TWO of advanced email strategies to get your inbox to ZERO. Don’t wait, go and check it out and find out how to stay on control of your inbox today. Here is the intro from Rory Vaden at Take The Stairs blog:

Are you overwhelmed by emails? I sure have been. In the past four years it seems that just answering email has become a full time job for me. Yet, because of that and because of personally coaching top managers and leaders with the same problem I have learned a lot about how to truly manage email efficiently. If you’re struggling with getting your inbox to 0, I’d suggest that you read about The Scan and Flip Technique and read Part 1 of my Advanced Email Strategies. Also, here are 10 more ideas for winning the sometimes dreaded battle of email jail. read more


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