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Get Inspired by a True Success Story: IKEA by Ingvar Kamprad

I strongly believe there is a lot to learn from others and I personally I love to learn from the true professionals. That’s why I believe in professional coaching and that’s why I love reading success stories. Today, I’d like to share with you the inspiring story of the Founder of IKEA: Ingvar Kamprad. In … Continue reading

Is Reaching Success More About WHAT You Know Or WHO You Know?

From the title itself, you can tell reaching success has to be one way or the other linked to the verb “to know” whether it means acquiring and having the knowledge or being connected to a person of influence. When I decided launching my company at in helping people and organizations find the Expert … Continue reading

Advanced E-mail Strategies: Getting your Inbox to 0 — Part 2 | by Rory Vaden

    You can tell I am not good at reading all the emails I receive. If it was just from one email box maybe I would have handled it better. But I have an email address at hotmail, gmail, I have a professional email address, and now I also receive emails on social media … Continue reading

Advanced E-mail Strategies – Part 1 | by Rory Vaden

One of our main goal at and especially on this blog is to spread out the words from experts. On that purpose, we constantly follow what experts have to share and that is relevant and useful and we spread that out on the web. If you read this and you are an expert, please … Continue reading

How I Boosted My Confidence Level Through Public Speaking

    The following post is a request of a Linkedin friend of mine who will be teaching a class this week at her church in which she will be introducing some church members to the basics of public speaking through a program sponsored by Toastmasters International. She wanted to have my personal experiences in regarding to … Continue reading

This Can Be The #1 Pillar To Build Great Teams

    More and more, people are now aware that the team you surround yourself with is a big deal if you want to have results. Yet, building such a great team is not just that easy. It takes time to find the right people, it takes time to train them, and more important, it … Continue reading

What Makes You The Biggest Loser?

I was watching the NBC show last night called “The biggest Loser” and that’s how I got inspired by this new topic: “What Makes You The Biggest Loser?” What actually fascinated me a lot was not only the high expectations the trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper had for their teams but also how demanding … Continue reading


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