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From a Zero To a Hero: What Did He Do That You Are Not Doing?

Whether you are business owner, assistant, sales person, sales manager, student, top executive, financial analyst, or even lawyer or doctor, we all have a goal. Also, to reach the goal, it takes more than just being born with a golden spoon in the mouth; it takes guts and constant  disciplined work. The following is a short but insightful biography of a man who defeated all his skeptics. A man who said: “Do not make any compromises with your dreams. Keep the hunger and pay the price for the dream to come true.” This is the story of Sylvester Stallone and the birth of Rocky.

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Since his childhood, Sylvester Stallone already knew he wanted to be in the movie business. Acting for him wasn’t just a job but a tool to inspire others.

At his beginnings, lots of film producers tried to discourage him stating there was no way for him to hit the spotlight

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one day. They were all saying he should give up  and find himself another job. However, giving up wasn’t part of his plan. Instead, Stallone  kept on going; he kept on trying, going from casting to casting, with a financial situation that was just getting worse. He got so broke that he couldn’t even afford to buy groceries anymore more.

Stallone could have got another job out of the movie business and make money that would help him have a descent life. Instead, even being totally broke, he took the decision to stick to his life project. He refused to choose the easy solution and to be in a comfort zone that would drive him away from his ultimate life goal.

After watching the game between Mohammed Ali vs. Weber, he got an idea: Rocky. He wrote down the script for 20 hours straight non-stop, everything with all the details and was convinced it was going to be a success. However, not only producers weren’t looking at it as an Oscar movie but they didn’t want him neither as the main character (Rocky). He was offered up to $130,000 for the script without him as the star. But Stallone refused the offer because he didn’t want to be only a script writer but also a movie star. He ended up getting ONLY $35,000 for the movie HOWEVER, his goal was reached: he entered the movie business, and played the main character of Rocky Balboa. Without expectation, the production of the movie that cost $1 million dollar, grossed $2 million making Sylvester Stallone one of the greatest star of all time.

I first heard about this story when listening to a Tony Robbins seminar and it was so inspiring. Just like it’s said in Coaching, no pain no gain. You have to be willing to pay the price, to risk, and to make sacrifices and compromises to become the hero you want to be whatever the field is. Michael Jordan started to win NBA rings only after his 5th season with the Chicago Bulls, Abraham Lincoln went from bankruptcy to bankruptcy and from failure to failure before he becomes one of the greatest President the United States of America never had.

As a take-away, here is what real achievers do to go from zero to hero:

  • They have a goal they are sold on with the Faith they will get there one way or the other
  • They pay the price of leaving their comfort zone to face the challenge that will them reach their goal
  • They take massive actions in doing every single day at least one thing that take them closer to their goal accomplishment
  • They don’t know what it means to give up and failure is nothing else than the synonym of learning experience
  • They are disciplined

Do not make any compromises with your dream. Keep the hunger and pay the price for your dream to come true.

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