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What To Do When You Reconsider All What You Value

Get The Eye of the Tiger

My goal with this blog and the company associated to it is simple: to inspire people to take massive action on their life. That’s why I am in the Self-Help industry. I want to be successful and take people with me along the way learning from experts. Today, I woke up at 7 a.m as I usually do and after the shower I went to my home office. Then, as usually at that time, I watched the news after my praying time and my biblical reading. Yet, somehow, today, I had a bizarre feeling. I felt unaccomplished. I became negative, asking myself the wrong “why” and “how” like “WHY don’t I give up?”, “HOW can I take a short cut?”, “WHAT IF at the end the sacrifice doesn’t pay off?, “Is it worthy?”, “I can’t do it no more”. In short negativity was all over my head. Switching my computer on, the system asked me for my password and typed it in: actToBe. Then I tried to log in my mailbox and read emails and I was required to enter a password to check my emails so I entered: COMMITMENT. I checked out the quote of the day provided by the system put in place and offered by and it said: “If it’s to be, it’s up to me”. After those three little reminders how do you think I felt? I was back on my feet ready to start my day with the eyes of the tiger.

I believe, no matter how successful we think we are, there comes a time of little depression or frustration, a time we question ourselves looking either for guidance, motivation, or feedbacks. At that time where we feel negative and ask ourselves the wrong questions, what is it to be done?

What to  do when you reconsider everything you value?

  • Use meaningful passwords. Computers and cell phones are the main tools we use everyday no matter where we are or what we do. The good thing is that they are all setup with the option of putting a password for privacy reasons. Now, the benefit of choosing a meaningful password just like I did is that at the time you feel low and question yourself, your password can work as a reminder. It worked for me in helping to get back the right mindset, it can work for you in helping you remember who you love, or why you do what you do, or anything that the password would mean for you. With time, your password will kind of like brainwash you. The more you will type it in to access your computer or important documents or emails, the more present it will in your mind, and the more you will believe in what it stands up for. It’s like saying a self-talk over and over.
  • Use your self-talk: The self-talk is what you tell to yourself to move mountains. Mohammed Ali is known for using the famous the “I am the greatest” self-talk and that’s what he ended up be. Find a self-talk you unconditionally believe in and say it out loud when the storm comes.
  • Read motivational materials. Those are of a great help when it comes to inspire and to motivate one to greatness. I am saying you should reading ten pages of a book before heading out even if nit’d be great if you have time to do that. I am merely talking about reading a motivational quote. There are many websites out there that publish quotes online or even offer you the service of receiving quotes on your email. We offer the same service at and even more, we give people the opportunity to receive quotes directly in their mobile phone wherever they are in the world either once a day, one a week, or more. The thing with quotes is that you don’t when you’ll benefit them the most because low-days are not scheduled, they just happen and that’s when you need them. So it’s better to have it knowing that one day you will need them than not receiving them because today you are good. I definitely recommend anyone to subscribe to any kind of quote services no matter what you or how you feel today. Our system for mobile phone will be launched October 11th, to get updates click here and  JOIN our mailing list to get updates.
  • Listen to inspiring music songs. When I feel down and run out of energy, there are two songs I always listen to in order to get myself back up. The first song is “Eye of the Tiger by Survivor and the other one isI Can by Nas. You probably have songs that inspire you to greatness. Go and listen to them.
  • Share your thoughts. I believe in sharing for two reasons. First reason is that what you go through, there are chances that someone else is going through as well. Second reason is that by sharing what you go through you are actually recognizing that there is an issue to be solved and that is the first step to recovery. Yet, do not waste your time calling someone what doesn’t care or won’t give you a meaningful feedback that will pump you up. Instead, call an accountable person of your contact list. This can be your significant other, a best friend or a relative, anyone who will show real care. If you have a Coach you are working with or worked with, that will be the person to call.
  • Just take action. Sometimes you don’t have to feel like doing something in order to it, you just have to do it because it’s the right thing to do. Action cures fear and by taking action without asking yourself questions, the achievement you will encounter down the road will nourish your pride that will inspire and motivate you to go even further. We have a saying in French that says: “the appetite comes while eating.”

There are different reasons or situations that will push us to re-evaluate. Fact is, it’s not what happens that is important, it’s how we react that counts.

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One thought on “What To Do When You Reconsider All What You Value

  1. I definetely agree with the share your thoughts. I have been able to find better solutions by sharing my thoughts.
    Whatever helps to make you keep going. Negativity can destroy what you took years to build.

    Posted by Nes | August 26, 2010, 3:08 pm

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