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When The American Dream Falls Apart

When the american dream falls apart is the mission Tony Robbins, the worldwide Life Coach, has to work on on the episode 2 of his new show: The Breakthrough with Tony Robbins. For those of you who have no ideas about what the show is all about, let me give a short idea. Tony on this TV reality show premiere have selected people all across the nation who are going through hell and set himself the enormous goal to not only get those folks experience the breakthrough and have their life turned around, also thanks to the power of the media, he gives out steps that anyone facing the same situation, wherever the person might be, if the person follows the step, he can also experience the breakthrough  by following those steps. My job here is easy: spread out his words on the steps to be followed. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, episode 2: The story of Ron & Marie Stegner

Here is there Story: Ron and Marie were running a pretty easy going life until the day Ron got fired: big house, luscious cars, shopping in high class stores…After he got fired, Ron however, doesn’t give up and takes all the family’s savings and 401(k) to open his own business, Marie being the Bookkeeper. Yet, that ends up being another failure. As the business and with it, american dream apart falls apart, it is also the couple relationship and the family life that is endangered. Negative criticism comes in the game, they start yelling at at each other, the marriage becomes shaky and all one can see in the other one can be resumed in that one sentence said by Marie: “When I look at you, I see all the problems in my life.”

Problem: Marie doesn’t want to go and look for a job to help the family get back on its feet because she feel like the best use of her time will be at taking care of her kids. Ron, otherwise, is willing to get whatever job that will be offered, but yet doesn’t get any. As the situation get worse and worse, Tony fortunately selected them and in 7 steps, helped them experience the breakthrough, saved their marriage, helped Ron got a $100,000 job at a Restaurant as Manager, and even Marie got a job. From bankruptcy, the family is back with a nearly $150,000/YR revenue just after a 30 days breakthrough divided in 7 steps with Tony Robbins.

Here are the steps:

  1. Change your environment: If where you live is negative, then it will affect your productivity. The first thing Tony did when meeting up with the couple was to take them away from their house to breath new air.
  2. Confront the real issues: It’s one thing to know or to acknowledge that you have problems, but it’s something to exactly know what are the problems. To know what the real problem is what can help you put a system in place that would help turn everything around. When it comes to Ron and Marie, the issues happened to be criticism, content, and communication more than anything else. Exact you got me right. According to Tony Robbins, their real issues were not money. May be money was the starter but definitely not the problem.
  3. Expand your limits: Once you know the problem, the one thing to do is to regain confidence of what you are able to do by going through an even higher pressure than the one you are going through. On the case of Marie and Ron, Tony made them fly a Jet at an unbelievable high speed. An experience none of them ever lived before and couldn’t believe they were able to succeed at.
  4. Change your perspective
  5. Own your lesson: This step is critical. This where you realize what you are going through, however, you acknowledge that it could have been worse. With that said, do the check out of what you still have that is worth appreciating and cherishing and charge forward. Tony made Ron and Marie lived for two weeks in a place they could have probably ended up living with kids: shelter. There, they had to earn their way out by being part of the community and by helping around. Facing that situation with the understanding that everyone over there could have easily been one of them made them got it straight it’s not over yet, but yet, they have to be there for one another and if they have to make it, it will be together. If the had to, they will have to do things they hate to protect each other.
  6. Design a compelling future: Now that you know that the game is not over yet, the next move is design a compelling future. Go out and make things happen and get the new life you want. Make good use of opportunities and connections you get, tell people about what you are all about and make a use out of it.
  7. Own your breakthrough: Enjoy the happiness of a true achievement and accept your success.

That was the episode 2 of the Breakthrough with Tony Robbins. In life, we all experience ups and downs. Yet, it’s not what happens to, but how we react to what happens that is important.

Thanks Tony!



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