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The Breakthrough With Tony Robbins: Episode 1

Episode 1: The Breakthrough of Kristen and Frank

This is there story: This is a story of love, faith, and will. The day of their wedding, Frank decides to go plays around the swimming pool and that when his life and the life of his just married wife flips upside downs. Out of a sudden, in a matter of a second, all their dreams, and future plans fly away when frank accidentally loses the use of his leg after falling next to that swimming. From now on, all he can say is: WHAT IF? What if I didn’t go next to the swimming pool? What if I did stay next to my father and drinks? What if…

The Problem: Since the accident, Frank is on his wheelchair and it is Kristen his wife who does everything in the house. She is the one going to work and put the food on table. she is the one who bathes him. She is the one who pretty takes care of everything. Yet, that is not what they want. Kristen want a man in the house who can support her. Frank want to be the one taking care of his wife. He doesn’t want a caretaker, he want his wife back.

How did Tony work it out: It ‘s a seven step to breakthrough

STEP 1: Re-write your story

On this step what Tony did is to work with Kristen and Frank in going back to where it all started. The point there was not to go back to the past and cry but to accept the situation, express what need to be change, and make the commitment to take massive actions to experience the breakthrough.
STEP 2: Confront your real issue

STEP 3: Discover your inner strength

The motivation and the strength to breakthrough come from within. On this part, tony invites both Frank and Kristen to go and discover what the y still have in stock that can be used to turn their lives around.

STEP 4: Redefine what is possible

To help frank get back on his “feet” he made him be part of a team of people who actually experience the same challenge of not being able to use their feet. When talking with he discovers that what he thought was impossible is actually really possible. He can still make babies (what he thought he couldn’t no more), he can still do sport at a competition level, he can still show his wife she can count on him.

STEP 5: Exceed your expectations

The step 5 is actually a level up to step 4. It’s all about going he extra mile.

STEP 6: Change your belief system

One of Frank’s dream was to fix an old truck he had and to race with it. Tony Robbins here made him believe thaat he can make that dream comes true and put down a plan of how it will be done. The plan was simple. Go back home and start working on fixing your truck and your family and friends will come to help. At the end, the truck has been fixed, and system has been put in place to the feet didn’t to be used to drive the truck and Frank was able to realize his dream with Tony Robbins on his side.

STEP 7: Own your breakthrough

It wasn’t specified but I guess it took Frank and Kristen about 30 days to reach their breakthrough. At the end as for a congratulation and an entrance to their life, Tony organized a new wedding for Kristen and Frank for the previous one to be forever behind them.

At the end of the episode, Frank and Kristen were expressing the new vows: I love you more today than ever before. I don’t know what the future holds but I am ready.


Question of discussion: After tis experience, do you think Frank and Kristen will from now on run a normal life with no backdowns?



2 thoughts on “The Breakthrough With Tony Robbins: Episode 1

  1. I am curious…were you able to identify what the 2nd step is in TR’s 7-step breakthrough process? You listed as “n/a” and I’m curious what it’s about. I plan on working with these steps myself, but only in a short bit when everything else is settled down. I think the couple will be in for a great success story even way beyond Tony’s capability to provide them a new lease on life. But it’s up to them to remain true to what they learned: allow the guy to be independent, while the girl gets a chance to be alone and contemplate situations. All the best for them.

    Posted by Josh | August 31, 2010, 3:18 pm
  2. Thanks for your feedback Josh. I actually forgot that I needed to update that step.
    The step 2 is: Confront Your Real Issues. On that step they all sit around the table and dig the issue in order to face what really matters.
    Here is a link you can go and watch all the episodes:

    Let me know if I can help you with anything.


    Posted by Max-Marc Fossouo | August 31, 2010, 5:23 pm

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