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Motivation Comes From Within

Motivation comes from within

How to motivate a sale team that is paid not on commission but on salary basis? How to motivate a spoiled child to get himself together and be an example? How to motivate a graduate student with no job to keep on looking and sending applications until he/she finally finds one? How to motivate people to work on their weight issue? How to motivate people to take action on their lives?

As a motivational speaker, finding ways to motivate and fuel people’s dream is definitely one of my passion. Yet, what I found out is that people might get motivated and inspired at the moment you speak to them and about a week after, the motivation is gone and the previous habit get back on the seat. Where does motivation comes from then?

I believe motivation comes from within. It doesn’t really matter what people tell you, what books you read, what seminar you attend, if all that you do and attend do not tend to help you to answer to the question “WHY?” then it’s not probably worthy it. Right! whether you are a leader, manager, individual with his own issues, if you want to make a big change in your life, you need to know why is that you want that change. The emotional reasons attached to your life goals will create in you a burning desire that no water will be able to cool down.

To unleash your power within, you need to know why. That’s where the motivation comes from: from within.



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