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Don’t Be a Yo-Yo

I’ve been watching the NBA finals since last week and was amazed last sunday by how great the celtics player Ray Allen set the all-time record by scoring 8 three-points-shots in a row, allowing then Celtics to have a great win on the Lakers. (103-94). With such a tremendous performance, people, fans or not, couldn’t have anything else but great expectations for Ray allen performance for the next game. However, from the record-setter, he went to be a shadow of himself on that next game.

In our professional life, especially for salespeople,  we can see ourselves reaching an outstanding point of performance and then deceiving all the fans the next day. What then happen between the day of success to the next day of failure and then to another day of success? In our area of expertise, what need to be done to always provide great performances to become synonyms of Michael Jordan, or Michael Jackson?

When working at Southwestern Consulting (a division of 150 years old Southwestern Company) with Top Producer’s Expert Dustin Hillis, he once said that professionals work and train until they get it right; true professionals work and train until they cannot get it wrong. I believe one of the reasons our performances reflect the yo-yo move is because of the discipline we put in the work.   Think about it for a second. How many times did you keep on working once you got a great job delivery, once you’ve closed a big sale, once you’ve connected to an important decision-maker? Usually, once we reach a great achievement, we stop and take a break, showering ourselves with praise aiming at flattering our self-esteem, instead of keeping on charging forward when we’re still hot. Instead of praising themselves, true professionals usually keeps on asking how they could have reached an even higher performance and because of the set of mind they do not take a break, they keep practicing or the next game, analyzing their key success factors, focusing on the controllables, and getting themselves together for the bigger win.

The second reason our performance, I think, reflect the yo-yo move is because of the our mindset. Success is NOT granted but rented and the rent is due everyday, says Rory Vaden. An that’s right! True professionals who always get right, understand that need to live one day at the time leaving yesterday success to the yesterday archive, and setting their mind up for the tomorrow play while working hard today at the training session. It’s Robert Schuller who said that “Spectacular achievement is always preceded by spectacular preparation.” True professional know she should always keep on training themselves, they work harder on themselves than their job.

Finally, the last reason our performances reflect a yo-yo move is because of our mastermind group. Behind each and every true professional, no matter what the industry, there is a Coach that’s there to level with him. The work of that coach or expert, is to guide him, advice him, motivate him, inspire so he can reach his goal easier and faster with such a commitment that he never find himself being a yo-yo. The Coach will help you know what you know what you need to know, what you need to put the focus on, he will help yo be aware of what you think you know and what you think you don’t know. He will not be there to please you and own reward will be your full and complete success. Yet, in today’s growing industry of Coaching or Self-Help, it might be hard to find a reliable and accountable Coach, expert on his field, and who is not just a talker but a practitioner of what he teaches. That’s Max-Marc Fossouo founded An online portal designed to connect individuals and corporates to the Coach/Expert or training organization that will them reach their goal easier and faster. Whether it’s for speaking engagements or consulting services, at we can connect you. For more information visit

To conclude, understand that it’s not by chance that you reach a top performance, it results from the hard-work and discipline you put on the table. However, don’t let that achievement fool you. Success is not granted but rented and the rent is due everyday. So if you want to keep on scoring high, keep on working and get a coach. Michael Jackson had a vocal coach, Michael Jordan had one, even bill Clinton called the motivation expert Tony Robbins for help.



3 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Yo-Yo

  1. Great blog, Max-Marc! This is full of sales wisdom. How many of our rookies take a break after a sale? How many continue when they are in a slump? If they follow your advice, we would have a great summer!

    Posted by Lee McCroskey | June 15, 2010, 3:09 pm
    • Thank you Lee, it means a lot to me that you comment on my posts. I used to take break after a great sale to congratulate myself back in my summers. Now I know it’s definitely not what one should to exceed expectations.

      Posted by Max-Marc Fossouo | June 15, 2010, 5:42 pm
  2. Great blog! I’ve been following Tony’s advices for a while now, but I’ve found really new and useful things in your blog. Hope my collegues and me will find success in them.
    Thank you for sharing!

    Posted by Anthony Robbins Fan | July 20, 2010, 6:24 pm

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