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Born With No Arms and No Legs and Yet Inspire For the FIFA World Cup

In all game there is winning and losing. However, is losing failing? Following on this inspiring videos you will experience the no limit capabilities we have in ourselves. On this message of hope and inspiration, you will be invited to question yourself on the little barriers you sometimes see as ones man cannot overcome. When … Continue reading

1 Risk = MANY Opportunities. Take The First Step.

I am ready to bet that if you here right now reading this post is because somehow you either feel the need to move on with your life and you’re not sure yet, or you’ve already decided to take the risk to move on.  On this post, I am not trying to teach you something … Continue reading

Follow-up To Excel

Why go to all the trouble of meeting new people, asking to be connected to new potential partners or clients, begging to be invited and accepted to restricted groups of people, if at the end you don’t follow up? As said Keith Ferrazzi, follow-up is the key to success in any field, the hammer and … Continue reading

Prepare for Success

Success doesn’t just happen. It’s envisioned, it’s prepared, it’s measured, and it’s managed. On this post I share two important points you need to be aware of  in order to succeed. I was just watching the game 7 of the NBA final 2010 and Kobe Bryant the MVP was saying at the interview on ESPN … Continue reading

What Kind of a Person Are You?

The poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox on the attempt to divide people into categories did a more tremendous job than what psychologists have attempted to. On a magnificent  poem entitled “Which Are You?”, here is how she divides people into various categories. There are two kinds of people on earth today; Just two kinds of people, no … Continue reading

Achieve More by Getting More NOs

Since the childhood we’ve come to believe that NO means we have to stop. We tend to believe that NO means failure. We came to believe that No is synonym of limit. how true is that? What is NO was nothing but the real doorway to success? Once he found the magic formula, Thomas Edison … Continue reading

Don’t Be a Yo-Yo

I’ve been watching the NBA finals since last week and was amazed last sunday by how great the celtics player Ray Allen set the all-time record by scoring 8 three-points-shots in a row, allowing then Celtics to have a great win on the Lakers. (103-94). With such a tremendous performance, people, fans or not, couldn’t … Continue reading

The Inspiring Tom Black Story

The Act To Be Blog definitely aims at inspiring and motivating you, the readers, to take massive actions on the set goals you burn to accomplish. That is why you will find here tips, techniques, strategies share y experts from the Self-Help industry also called coaching industry, but you will find also inspiring biographies. I … Continue reading


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