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Let’s Bake a Cake

It was 10 am and everyone was already gone to work as he woke up. With a lazy attitude he went down the stairs wondering what his roommate, who was up at 6 a.m, was up to.

– Hey Steeve! Why did you wake up so early this morning? It was 6 or 7 a.m when you woke up right?

– You are right Ryan. In fact, I want to bake a cake so I could have it for lunch later today. I am tired of that junky food. Because we don’t know how to cook, we have to eat what they have to offer and we don’t like that food. So today I definitely want to eat something that will taste good.

– Ah ah ah ah! You are so funny lil Steeve! So you think you can cook. c’mon man, give that up and let’s play little bit. We are already used to that food so forget about your cooking. And what did you want to cook anyway you stupid goat?

– I thought that baking a cake would be nice. I went on Youtube and watched how to make one so I wanted to give it a try. I actually already bought all the ingredients and now is my time to bake one. Would you join me?

– Oh no!!! I don’t feel like baking or learning how to bake right now. It’s too early first, 10 a.m, and so many things can happen. We can get burned, we can break plates, we will mess up the kitchen and will have to fix everything. I don’t want to do all that job and take all that risk. And you shouldn’t neither. Let’s just keep up with the junk food and maybe one day it will change once there are better opportunities.

–  You’re asking me to wait?! Why? This is the time, this is the place, I have everything I need, I can bake one now. But don’t worry I will do it just by myself and if something happens then I will take responsibility.

– OK! Good luck! Let me go chill upstairs.

[30 minutes after]

– Waouh steeve your mixture looks good. You definitely want to bake that cake huh?!

– Well as you can see I am done with the mixture. Everything is already put together and now I just have to put in the pan and good to go in the oven.

– Wait a second! It kind of look great. Let me try it before it goes in there.

– Here, go ahead!

– Huh! Not bad! Did you put lemon in it?

– Yeah!

– Well, I go back up. Let me know if you need some help.

[About 1 hour later]

– Waouh! Steeve it’s smelling good down here. Would you like me to check out your cake?

– No I already did and it will be ready to come out from the oven in a few.  I want it to be a little bit crispy.

– Huuuuuuuummmmm!!! It’s making me hungry now. Would you give me part of it?

When you want something, go get it.  When I started with Toastmaster International about a year ago at Bridgestone Firestone headquarter of Nashville, TN a group member once came to me and asked how I manage to produce so many speeches.  I told him: well, I just put my name at any open spot that I can. He also wanted to put his name down but was scared that other people judge him.

When I started working on my company, one of my relative told I should forget about it and stick to my “normal” job that returns the investment put in school. I told that relative: well , what I do is “normal” job, I am just not paid for it yet. One year after, the concept Act2be represents one online business, two blogs, and 2 upcoming books with hundreds of followers and of course skeptics as well.

Here is the take away of this post: If you have a goal, take massive action. Along the way, you will merely find skeptics and later supporters. Just like Ryan, at the beginning they skeptics will not be willing to be associated to your goal until they notice your commitment to make it happen. Once they notice your commitment, they will look at your progress and if you are on a right track, they will start putting an eye on it and ask you questions. And once you will start to flourish, they will ask to be part of it.  So do not mind people when you have a goal. Just like Plato said: “Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” Plato

However, like Leadership Expert John Maxwell recommend, remember there is no such thing as self-made man. You need to accomplish something big, then you will need a team of accountable and reliable people and also the help of an expert. Expert won’t do magic and won’t do your homework for you. Experts will guide you, motivate you, and push you, so you can reach your goal easier and faster. Are you in need, then find one at and we will connect you.

Let me conclude with that question: How do you feel when you take your first cake out of the oven?



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