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Nothing Comes by Chance.

Let’s think about this for a second…Was it by coincidence that you came to this world from this family and not from that other one? Was it by coincidence that you were originally from this country and not that other one? Was it by coincidence that you are skilled in this area and not that other one?

I believe nothing comes by chance. I believe everything follows a plan for who is obedient to God. In his book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” Og Mandino shares a scroll stressing that each of us are unique. He says, we are the nature greatest miracle and there is no one who can walk, talk, think or act exactly like us. I share that thought of Og Mandino as I believe there is a reason behind our presence down here. Being a man of Faith, I believe God has a plan for each of us and as long as we keep the Faith up, everything that happens, whether good or bad is linked to the plan He has for us. Therefore anything that happens to us do not happen by chance but follow God’s plan to have us get all the tools necessary to answer and accomplish our calling.

Now, each action we do has a reaction and it’s just a question of time until we notice that reaction. Once the reaction takes place we might tend to believe that it happened by chance but no, that isn’t the case. What happens today is nothing else but the harvest of what has been planted yesterday. Constant hard-work, mastermind group, discipline, commitment, and love for others will always take you to great achievement although we should acknowledge the way to success may be long and frustrating. However, laziness, egoism, non-discipline, and lack of dream and vision will make it hard and even impossible to reach success.

Here is the takeaway behind this post. If something great happens to you and you get congratulate for it, accept the praise and understand you deserve it thanks to the work you out in for the accomplishment. Now, if in contrast, what you face is failure, then accept it as a learning experience. Just understand that failure is nothing but a feedback saying that what you have planted didn’t work out and something need to be change to have a better result. If you keep the Faith up, God will remain in control and everything will be going clockwise.

Your future will never equals your past unless you accept it to be so. Success will not not come by chance, you need to take massive actions.

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