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Paul Meyer

Born in San Mateo, California to German immigrant parents, Paul J. Meyer possessed an unstoppable urge to learn, to excel, and to be creative. He began his insurance career immediately after military service and quickly became a top producer, leading two of the nation’s largest life insurance companies. By age 27, he acquired a personal net worth of $1,000,000 from personal production and agency development.

He was then a Sales Executive with Word, Inc., a Waco, Texas firm distributing religious books and records. He built a national sales organization and increased its business 1,500 percent in 24 months, saving the company from going out of business.

It was then, in 1960, that he launched Success Motivation International, Inc. and shortly thereafter Leadership Management, Inc. and Family Motivation International. These firms were established for the purpose of helping people develop their full potential. This has been, and remains, his life-long passion.

Paul J. Meyer is considered by many to be the founder of today’s personal development industry. He was the first to condense books and record them on LP records and then on cassettes.

The product line over the years has expanded to include 27 full-length courses and programs in leadership development, goal setting, attitude, management training, and more. All of these programs contain printed and recorded materials and have combined sales of nearly three billion dollars worldwide. Each program uses spaced repetition effectively, which has been the key to success for millions of people in more than 60 countries.

Paul and his wife, Jane, help support more than 30 charities across the United States and around the world. He was instrumental in founding five charitable foundations to promote education and serve youth, including Passport to Success, founded to provide post-secondary education to economically disadvantaged youth.

Paul began writing books after the age of 70, and in 2008, a few months before turning 80, he launched Slight Edge Publishing, Inc., which is being renamed to The Leading Edge Publishing Company, Inc., a company that is also dedicated to helping people reach their full potential.

Paul has five children and 15 grandchildren and resides in Waco, Texas.




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