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One Step/Day At a Time

Hi readers, this is Max, your Relationship Expert and Founder of This new post is all about pointing out the power behind the slide edge. We all know this famous quotes from Gandhi that says: “The journey of a thousand miles start up with the first step.” Well, guys, there is no need to … Continue reading

Selling YourSelf by Mark Jeffries

Did you ever take time to think about how to sell yourself no matter what job really is? Here are some tips given by Mark Jeffries in the Success Magazine. It’s all about being prepared to take action from the first second you meet with the person. Enjoy your reading and visit the for … Continue reading

Inspiring Paul Meyer Story

Born in San Mateo, California to German immigrant parents, Paul J. Meyer possessed an unstoppable urge to learn, to excel, and to be creative. He began his insurance career immediately after military service and quickly became a top producer, leading two of the nation’s largest life insurance companies. By age 27, he acquired a personal … Continue reading


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