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How To Stay Highly Motivated


Motivation matters

Last year as I was giving a speech at Bridgestone Firestone in Nashville within the Toastmaster session, I was asked to explain how  I do to keep on going when results take time to show up. As I was starting to explain, I was giving that quote I got from Dustin Hillis: SW SW SW N (Some Will, Some Won’t, So What? Next!).  In case you still wonder what it is all about, this is the typical go-getter mindset meaning some people will buy your goals, some people won’t, so what? It doesn’t make any difference just keep up. 

he degrees of success and happiness we achieve in life result overwhelmingly from the actions we take. But the actions which matter most are not those we do every now and then. It is our commitment to consistent actions (our habits) which more than anything else determine the direction and success of our lives.

However, our habits are not the result of conscious thought and logical decision making. Instead, our habits tend to be
reactions to our experiences and network environment. If you walk with negative people and /or think negative all day long, you will be negative. 

Our habits play a major role in how well we will do in life whatever our talent. We need a non-conditional confidence, be driven, and our desire for success must be greater than our fear of failure.

If you are facing challenges and are not currently a highly motivated person, here are some steps you can consider taking:

  • Establish Clear, Specific WHY-Goals!

Your life goals are the things which give purpose to your life. They
are the reason you live. Your burning desire to achieve these goals will be
your greatest motivator. Tony Robbins, the Michael Jordan of the Self-help industry defines himself as the why-guy. He believes you can’t do much or realize a big goal unless you know, understand, and believe the “why” behind that goal. Having a burning desire to succeed is the first tool to help stay highly motivated. Now, I highly recommend as the importance has been proven by a study at Harvard, to write your goals down and read them constantly. 

  • Take An Action A Day!

You must establish an action plan which requires that you do at least one thing each day which brings you closer to your goals.  Never forget that it is action which turns goals and dreams into realities. Do something each day. Habit is nothing but repeated behavior. I acknowledge action might be the one toughest thing to do. One thing I recommend when it comes to taking action is to get yourself an accountability partner, a buddy that will hold you accountable to your goals and motivates you just like help you to remain positive until you get it done. Nowadays, there are lot of experts out there whose job is to help others reach their true potentials. Visit my website to discover some really relevant experts such Rory Vaden, Dustin Hillis, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins and more.

  • Watch Your Thoughts!

You become what you think. Most of the thing we accomplish come tru according to the way we look at them. We should frame things to make them look just the way we want using nothing but positive words, self-talk, and present tense. Do you remember the famous “I am the greatest” of Muhammad Ali? 

How often do you read quotes? Quotes are great reminders of your what we need to do and their sounding words are very inspiring. You need some quotes, visit Act2be Quotes and find the ones that most talk to you.

  • Take Responsibility!

Remember this mantra, “If it is to be, it is up to me.”  We are all in charge of our destiny. No one else but you and me are in charge of  doing what needs to be done to get the results needed. Regardless, if things are going to
change for the better, it is up to you. No one else is responsible for bettering your life. Do not play the “blame game” and take charge of your life.

Did you like this post? Then make comments, share it to your social network and mot important…TAKE ACTION NOW



One thought on “How To Stay Highly Motivated

  1. Awesome advice Max. Keep up the good work!

    Posted by Dustin Adkison | February 11, 2010, 9:44 am

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