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The 3 D’s

Desire – Devotion – Discipline 

I love listening to Tony Robbins, he is a true inspirational and motivational life coach and speaker. I was just listening to one of his audio from his famous “Unleash The Power Within” seminar. The main idea he delivers in the audio I just listened to is that once you have your goal defined and written down, it’s time for for nothing else but massive actions. So I sat down and ask myself what are the three main characteristics of successful people? Here is what I found out: the 3Ds (Desire – Devotion – Discipline).

  • Desire – Whatever your goal is, you need to accept one thing: success does not come overnight. You need to have a burning desire to  make it happen. They all do, the people who make it. Michael Jackson always wanted to come up with perfect music that will uplift people, Michael Jordan, Mohammed Ali, Bill Gates, Steeve Jobs…all the great makers are armed of a tremendous non-measurable burning desire. 
  • Devotion – Under devotion I want you to understand a great sense of commitment and hard-work. It is the steady works that pays off, not the early success. Under devotion, there is a great sense of focus. To be devoted or committed means you do not quit until you give the real best of you.
  • Discipline – Being disciplined is about forming the right habits, it’s about mastering your time management, your schedule. Successful people are on schedule, they are disciplined. If they can’t be disciplined naturally, then they hired a Coach whose job is to help them be more disciplined. 

Do you have you goal written down? Then it’s time for your 3Ds. If you are in need for a Discipline expert, go and visit and check out the Coach that can best help you out.



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