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Seize Your Day for Better Time Management

Back in the days of college when I was selling books with the Southwestern Company, I’ve learned a very simple but very important key of success: the schedule. Back then with our Sales  Managers, we used to say that the schedule is the lifeline, you break it you are dead. Rory Vaden, the Co-Founder of the training Company Success Starts Now Seminars likes to say that we don’t get paid per hour but for what we do during the hour. How to seize your day and get the best out of it?

It’s pretty much like filling a cup with sand, rocks, maybe water:

  1.  Get a clear view of what you need to get done for the day: You can have a very well done and well presented time schedule but if you do not know what you need to see accomplished then you are not going nowhere. That is why first thing you need to focus on is to know the job to be done for the day.
  2. Rate the  different tasks you need to do: rating your task is simply giving it the appropriate number stars the task deserves looking it its importance for the goal to be achieved during the day. In other words, if you do not need to read your email starting your day at 7 am, don’t go ahead and get log in. We all know how internet is. You go to google one thing then you see another attractive thing and you remember that you had to check something else and you end up wasting 3, 4, 5, maybe 6 hours in front of your computer doing what???? You tell me! So please rate you tasks from the most important to the least important.
  3. Start with your most important task to be done:  The most important task is usually the one that might need more of our time, the one we might face more challenges, but also the one that will unlock the others and make it easier to accomplish them. So starts with the most important one and do not stop until it is all over according to the time frame you have assigned to each task.

Now here is the thing. I am pretty sure you already know all what I just said as I am pretty sure you keep failing at putting it in practice. Why do people fail at what they know how to do? Because it requires discipline, and that is what we’ve learned at Southwestern: how to discipline ourselves. We must have a schedule for everything to get the most out of our day and be committed to respect those schedules: it starts with the eating schedule, the working schedule, the sleeping schedule.

  •  Eating schedule: at what time do you eat everyday? At what time you take your break everyday? Anything you do constantly becomes a habit and if it ‘s a good habit, it helps to be more productive. One of the reason people have weight issues is because they don’t have or do not respect their eating schedule. Also, one of the reason we sometimes do not get the job done on time is simply because we stayed 30 minutes longer on break. It might be just 30 minutes but well it counts and can make a big deal.
  • Working schedule: Starts your day everyday at the same time, take your breaks at the same time, left work possibly at the some time, call your significant, family and friends at the appropriate scheduled time. Do every single task at the time frame you scheduled to have it done and do not let external agents (friends, email, google, phone, coffee…) come in between.
  • Sleeping schedule: we need to sleep! that is a fact. The world itself has been created in 7 seven days maybe because at the end of each day we need to rest to refresh ourselves and get back to work the next mourning with refreshed mind. 

Alright bloggers, now you might thing time management is all about becoming a robot ^_^ Well, maybe that is how it looks like but fact is that you get the job done, success follows, money comes with it, and the whole family is happy. Isn’t that what you are looking for? So take action and seize your day.

Are you looking for some more tips on time management? Go and visit our website at and learn from different experts that speak about the subject.



2 thoughts on “Seize Your Day for Better Time Management

  1. Great article Max. Yeah, it’s amazing how schedule is just so much more than what we spend our time doing. As you write here it’s everything we eat, we read, we say, and allow to come into our minds. It seems as though for the greatest champions in the world being on schedule is a mentality more than just being where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there. Keep climbing man!

    See you in the stairwell,

    Posted by Rory Vaden | January 3, 2010, 12:10 pm
  2. Max Marc–this is a great article with simple concepts. Simple not simplistic. Easy to understand, sometimes difficult to maintain. Thanks for reminding us!

    Posted by Lee McCroskey | January 5, 2010, 10:54 am

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