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The Sales Gospel

The Sales Gospel

How many times have heard someone saying: “No, I am not in sales” ? Well, let me ask you this…Do you have a significant other in your life? If the answer if yes, then chances are that you probably used lot of sales techniques such a pre-approach, an approach, an establish report, a need discovery (as far as it goes fot the type of person he/she likes), and a CLOSE,  which may be led to the “YES I DO”.

Sales is not a job, it’s a tool. It’s a doorway to LOVE, MONEY, ACCOMPLISHMENT. When it comes to money, I will agree with you that money is not everything but if you are a parent then you will agree with me that at least it helps keep in touch with the kids. In the website we nourrish visitors with example of inspiring success stories of people from different industries and we share how they used their sales skill to become expert at what they do.

Success Starts Now! Seminars is the training division of the 154 years old Southwestern/Great American Inc. This transforming company (Southwestern) built their notoriety behind one concept: We don’t build companies, we build people and those people build a great company.

The Sales Gospel comes from Spencer Hays, a young graduated  student from the Texan Christian University back in 1959 who started his career selling books-to-door with the Southwestern Company and now is the Chairman of the Executive Committee. With an estimated personal net worth of $400 million back in 1997 according to Forbes (Dec. 1st, 1997: 500 Biggest Private Companies), Spencer Hays describes the sales gospel with the different pillars:

  • Work six days a week
  • Keep sales calls short
  • Have faith in your product
  • Mentally fight rejection
  • Work the law of averages
  • Wear a nice suit

That is the sales gospel according to Spencer Hays: An American Original

Ta learn more about the Southwestern Company:



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