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From Great Followers to Great Leaders

From Great Followers to Great Leaders

I am often asked by my friends and peers about the reason I believe one can achieve anything in live whatver it is. My ansewr is this: More than the fact just like Mary Kay Ash, I believe God didn’t had time to make a nobody but only a somebody, I also believe that nothing is new under the sun. Whatever you are planning to accomplish, trust me there is someone out there who did it or who is well advanced in the process of making it happen. Therefore, if you wanna play a game, go to where it’s played and learn to be a great follower before trying to be a leader.

Since our childhood, that’s what we’ve learned at school. Before having an assignment, the teacher was giving us an example that was meant to lead us in the way to think and solve the problem. But what happens most of the time? We tend to go our way. We tend to keep our idea secret, work it underground just by ourselves, and we find ourselves limited, which lead to crash. 

Selling books with Southwestern, I’ve learned that a proper prior preparation prevents poor performance. As we talk about preparation, it ain’t just about planning, but more about about going and sharing with people of the field of interested who a re already making the difference. It’s about being a great follower. Let me define what I call a great follower. A great follower is not a lost one. Rather, it’s someone with a vision and a specific goal to be accomplished but who is new in the interested field. Therefore, he is armed with lot of humility, an unastoppable eager to learn, he is coachable, and surround himself with either other great followers or great leaders of the field of interest. A great follower understands one important point: it doesn’t matter how his background looks like neither what accomplishements ha’s done in the past. What matters is the quality of the leader he follows. Therefore, he pays particular attention at selecting his leader, but also he pays attention on how to learn the most from his leader in helping his leader to grow himself. 

Now, what about great leaders? I will join Ms Carter on this one as she says: Leaders take people where they want to be. Great leaders take people where they don’t necessarily want to go but ought to be.

Now, how does that concern you? We are all slave of our habits. To act in order to be, we need to form the right and then be slave of the right habits. Are you facing a challenge? You don’t know where to start to solve an issue? Go read success stories from and see how other people made it. Get in touch with me so I can be your accountability partner ( or if it’s business related ( ) and let me or one of the top producers of Success Starts Now! ( ) help you take your life to the place you ought to be. Let ACTION be your drive.




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