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Act to Be OR Be to Act?

Act to Be or Be to Act?

WARNING!!! This is not another philosophical subject such the famous “To be or not to be.” In my upcoming book entitled “Act to Be: The Four Pillars of a Meaningful Life”, I share one of my life deep convictions: life is not about success or failure but about meanings, and meanings are shaped by what we believe and what we value.
When you act to be, you position yourself at the beginning of your journey, you plan to make a move, you try to get somewhere. The “act to be” put the accent in the fact that you want to be something; there is a dream to be accomplished. What matters here is BE.
Well, what separates a dreamer from an achiever? Very simple: the achiever turns his dream into reality. How? Just by taking actions. It doesn’t really matter where you start or what your background really is. What matters is your commitment to pay the price of your dream. It takes hard-work and discipline, it might not work straight away and you might even fail, but you will never know unless you give a shot. Give yourself a trial. To help future achiever be inspired and reduce the chance of failure, I set up the website The goal of that website is simple: get people inspired by other people success stories. Would you agree with me that it’s motivating and inspiring to see other people’s amazing achievement? That’s what you can expect from that website: it’s all about amazing stories of how people went from dream to accomplishment. Official Commercial
Now, what is the “be to act”? I believe life is a circle. The “be to act” is nothing else than the other part of the circle. It’s about not just looking at ourselves no more but looking at our contribution in the society. It’s a tremendous motivational tool.
Check this out! When you have a goal, what motivates you is your will and burning desire to have your goal accomplished. But what happens then once the goal has been accomplished? Or even worse, when your journey to your ultimate goal is built of challenges, and barriers? Do you agree that at those times then the motivation goes down? Well, the “be to act” help you not to put the focus in the end result but in the process and the reason or meaning of the action, of the journey.

Let me sum up by asking you if you got the trick behind this whole text. Did you? Well, the trick is there is no “act to be OR be to act” but “act to be AND be to act”. So when you set up your goals, whatever goal it might be whether your personal or professional life, make sure you’re not only a “do to be” but also a “be to do”. It will bring more value to your actions in pursuing your happiness tirelessly.        



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