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What Do You Do With What You Know?

What Do You Do With What You Know?

Selling books door-to-door has been the most challenging and enriching experience of life so far. Every summer we had to aim for a bigger goal in team building and in sales. Well, to reach our goal, I usually thought it was important to learn new techniques, until a March personal conference with the President of the Company. In fact, as we were sitting down together that day and that I was asking for new books and new techniques that I should use to learn more, he told me: it’s not much about what you know rather what you do with what you know. So, why don’t we use what we already know?

During their ” All Day Sales Extravaganza”, the Success Starts Now! Seminars speakers explain what separates top producers to  average producers. Well, in case you are still wondering about one of the first reason that separates the best from the average, it can be sum up in one word: PROCRASTINATION. Exact! Knowledge, money, network, the lack of none of those isn’t the first reason of failure but procrastination. By continually procrastinating, we form the habit of being lazy, passive, and not taking action. We consciously accept not to reach our true potential.

You already heard that 80% of success is showing up, just like you heard that a proper prior preparation prevents poor performance. That’s why as you are after accomplishing your goal, you need to make an inventory of:

  • What you know that you know?
  • What you know that you don’t know?
  • What you don’t know that you know?
  • What you don’t know that you don’t know?

Is it enough to have those questions answered? The next step is to take ACTIONS by getting the unkown known and by using or applying the known without procrastination. If for whateer reason you can’t find the answer to one of the question, well, ask a friend, girlfriend, or partner.



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