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Max-Marc Fossouo

Welcome to my blog. My name is Max-Marc Fossouo and I am Relationship Strategist, Founder of The idea behind this blog is simple: to share and discuss with you the tips, techniques and strategies I gathered from experts to help you be aware of how to take your life and / or business to the next levels through proven actions.

What is “Act to Be” ?:

“Act To Be” is first a message.

After 6 years of sales and management experiences with the 154 years old Southwestern Company, I’ve learned three things:

  • Life takes determination
  • You can’t make it alone
  • A decision can change your life forever

After attending self-development seminars, sales seminars, took part of keynote speeches, and read tones of different kinds of upliftings authors in the training and coaching industry, I found out there is only one thing that differentiate doers from talkers: ACTION. Inspired by Og Mandino the “Act To Be” message is: “Our dreams are worthless, our plans are dust, our goals are impossible, all are of no values unless followed by actions.”

“Act To Be” is also a business.

As a business, Pro is a non-stop prospecting machine helping individuals and organizations save time and money focusing at reaching their goals while connecting them to the Coach/Trainer that best suits their unique needs. The idea is simple: Tell us what is your goal and we find the Coach/Trainer who can get you there easier and faster.

Our mission at is simple: to spread out the words from experts and to connect you to right the coach or seminars that best matches with your personal unique need or the need of your organization.



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